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Why You Need To Stop Using The Word Algorithm If Your A Social Media Manager

If you’re a Social Media Manager or content creator, It’s time for a mindset shift. Everyone here at tSMN has a mantra, that is, replace the word Algorithm with Audience.

Let me explain:

“The Algorithm didn’t like my content” with “My audience didn’t like my content”

If you make this one tweek with the way you frame your content and the process you undertake to plan your content; you will see incredible results. You, your team or whoever is creating your content, will start to plan around your audience, you will spend less time focusing on hashtags, tags, descriptions and all that nasty and annoying admin crap and you’ll be able to develop some really sick and attention grabbing content, that will stick longterm.

As a social media manager with 9 years experience, I’ve done this long enough to know that if your consistent, one of your videos will accidentally go viral, it happens all the time, but when that happens, you need to focus on the quality or you would be wasting your luck. Like Eminem said, if you had one chance, one opportunity, will you… blah blah, I can’t actually remember the line. But the gist is, don’t waste your opportunity. Focus on creating content for your audience. Look at what works, what gets the most views, what keeps the user watching the longest and how you can streamline and create more.

You could get lucky and have one of your videos blow up on TikTok or Youtube, however that isn’t going to last, the momentum will die out and you would have wasted that luck on only attaining 500 new followers and subs, when you could have gained 1000’s and thousands.

To create content that connects with the audience you’re going after, you need to know them inside-out. Find similar videos and content online that do well, look at their style, communication, how punchy it is and start from there. After you have your first set of awesome content, publish it and watch the analytics and responses you get. At first you don’t succeed, try and try again.

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