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TikTok is no longer about dancing in front of a camera…

Looking For An Agency That Knows The Ins And Outs Of TikTok Marketing And TikTok Ads?

You’re on the right page, tSMN is officially recognised as a TikTok Marketing Partner.

To be successful as a business on TikTok there are 2 key components. The first is to create content that steals people’s attention, the second is leveraging ads to grow your platform and digital reach 10x faster than you would organically!

TikTok is an incredible tool that we LOVE, you can grow much faster than any other platform and who knows how long that’s going to last, so as a business, you need to jump on this NOW.

TikTok is just as powerful as Meta!

Here’s How A Business Can Use TikTok:

TikTok can be used for:

  • Generating leads – TikTok has a product similar Meta where you can collect the user’s information on the platform there and then!
  • eCommerce Sales and creating a shopping store on the platform – TikTok has evolved so much that eCom brands have been able to capitalise and make sales directly on the platform.
  • Reach, impressions, clicks and brand awareness. TikTok has one of the highest engaged audience amongst all social media platforms and it is the perfect channel to really expand your digital reach in a cost effective way.

8.5 Million Australians Are Active On TikTok Every Single Month.

Anyone Can Post A “TikTok”, However We Use Trending Tools To Ensure High Engagement Rates

We don’t make shit up. We do what works based on the analytics, AB testing and the campaigns we have run in the past. Our agency has access to so many tools that can help us drive more reach and traffic to your videos and ultimately your website. Conversion is King.

If you want to know more, shoot us an email social@tsmn.com.au or your visit our Contact Us Page

All Our Social Media Packages Include An Advertising Budget, This Ensures Your Community Grows Every Month

TikTok Ads are incredible, you have so many options and strategies to target your ideal customers… it isn’t funny! You can target users who engage with specific hashtags, follow certain accounts and much more such as:

  • user’s Age
  • User’s Geographical location
  • Their Gender
  • Peoples specific interests (the real crux behind targeting)
  • People in specific groups
  • Parents of specific aged childrens

This doesn’t even begin to break the surface of what we can do to help you leverage TikTok Ads.

What You Can Expect From Our Agency:

  • Significant follower growth on your TikTok page
  • More engagement, sales & leads
  • More traffic to your account and website
  • We will create your TikTok Ads
  • Videography and content for your platforms using trending concepts and our past experience on the platform
  • A targeting strategy to ensure your target market is seeing your content
  • Strategies to Retarget and build buzz around your brand
  • Reporting and optimisations to ensure a high ROI

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