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With a 98% open rate… You would be crazy not to use it!?
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Let Me Guess, You’re Thinking “No One Wants To Receive SMS?”

Wrong. When you have a database of people who have dined at your restaurant before, used your services (mechanical, trade or beauty) and even enquired online about a product/ service you offer. They want to hear your promotions. As soon as their phone pings with a ‘Get 30% off of X, this week only’ they will think – “Oh I remember these guys, thats a really good offer, i’m gonna jump on that before I miss out!”

What you’re actually thinking is that “No one want’s to be spammed with SMS’s or texts”. Thats not what we do.

SMS Marketing Is Really Powerful For Business

Text Message Marketing is powerful for two reasons, you’re turning your database into an ATM machine. Every time you send out a text to your database (with the help of our account manager’s Lucy and Angela) you have people buying! You’re literally printing cash. Many of our clients fill out their entire week with just a single SMS a week. 

The Bigger The Database The Better

The bigger the database you have the better. All you’re previous clients and enquires you have had are all important to the growth of your business, as these are all warm leads. Sometimes these guys just need to be reengaged and reminded you exist. Use SMS Marketing as a part of your sales funnel. Imagine you have 1,000 people on your database, you send 1 sms with a special offer. 1-2% of your databases says “Yes, Please” thats 10-20 bookings.

OVER 98% Of Texts From SMS Messaging Campaigns Are Read By
Recipitients, Generating Average Response Rates Of 20-30% Or More.

Why You Need To Jump On SMS Marketing

– Affordable:  An SMS marketing campaign is really cost effective to run with us. We have over 100 client’s using our sms services because it works, otherwise why would they stay?

– 98% Open rate: Compared to SMS marketing which has 15% open rate over a 1 week period. 

– Minimum response rate of 1% (some clients see 20%). Proof is in the pudding.

– Instant communication: The text message is sent to their phone directly, which most people always keep on themselves.

– Branding: Text Messages that we send are short, to the point and the best part so it’s easily remembered.

– Word of Mouth: Your database is always sharing with their family and friends. So many of our client’s sms bookings are from referrals. Referrals = High Intent.  

– Zero competition: Businesses decide when they want to send the text message and are not necessary competing with other companies.

– Reengaging your lost/ old customers. Haven’t heard from an old client in months or years? You can use an SMS to reignite that relationship.

Social media agency Sydney
Social media agency Sydney

Don’t Have A Database?

Most business’s have a database stored on their CRM that you can easily export into an Excel Sheet. But if you don’t have a database. Don’t worry. You probably do –

Every time you have taken a booking, or written a number of a client down in your diary, or every email/ message you have received from your website/ facebook page; these are all numbers to add to your SMS Database.

If you’re thinking, who has time to type all these up, don’t worry, we have staff in house who do our data entry for you. Either way we can show you how to build your database so we can start sending out SMS’s. The best time is to start now!

What You Can Expect From SMS Marketing

A better interaction with your customers: You’re actually give what your customers want by sending them text messages, otherwise why would they say yes to your promotion. You’re doing them a favour, not the other way around.

A great Customer Relation Management system (CRM) thanks to the delivery updates, notifications, appointments reminders you’re letting your customers know that you exist and are around when you need them the most. 

More customers to the door, more calls, more sales.

Social media agency Sydney

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