Meet The Social Team!

Our team has been growing non stop since we started operations. Want a career in social media? shoot us an email: social@tsmn.com.au

Marketing Director


I’m your go to guy for discussing strategy, setting direction and any enquiries about your account. Learn More

Sales Director


My role here at tSMN is more than just sales, my goal, it to ensure social media is right for your business and that we can deliver you a fantastic result.

Social Media Director


I’ve spent the last 7 years of my career solely focusing on social media strategy, I work closely with the social media team to ensure we’re driving ROI for all our clients. Learn More

Account Manager


I’m an all rounder in the office, you can talk to me about your account, social media, sms or even if you wanted to know more about our services. Learn More

Photographer / Videographer


I have 5 years plus experience in film making and creating content for Advertisements. I love what I do and I love my Camera!

Marketing Coordinator


I work with our clients to help define their brand online through social media content, design & strategy.

Media And Engagement Coordinator


I have a wide variety of responsibility here at tSMN. I work on quality control and ensure all our tech here is working smoothly.

Content Coordinator


Hi I’m Maeve I’m a social media coordinator here at tSMN. It’s my job to work with our clients to really understand their brand and services inside and out, as though I was practically a member of their marketing team!

Social Media Coordinator


I create social media content for your business and work closely with our client’s to ensure all our campaigns hit the mark! I also do photography on the side!

Marketing Coordinator


My key role at tSMN is to work across our key political clients. I’m lucky to be in this role because I’ve always had a keen interest in politics and what better way to use my degree!

Content Coordinator


I have been with tHe Social Media Network for over 2 years and currently work out of Melbourne!

Coordinator / Photographer


I’m Barbara, a social media creator at tsmn. I help different clients to stand out with engaging content. I’m also an artist at heart, with skills in fine art, design and graphic art.

Web Developer & SEO Specialist


I’m a Web/ App Developer with 7 years + experience. There is no better feeling when a client loves the website I have built for them.

Web Developer & SEO Specialist


I’m a web developer here at tSMN, I have 3 years solid experience working on wordpress and a back ground in SEO and optimising webpages for search.



I recently came here from Thailand, I have been a photographer and videographer for the last 5 years and have solid experience using Adobe Premier and After Effects.



I have been a videographer for the last 6 years and I have been working on photography for the last 3 years. Solid passion for new film and video techniques.



I am a videographer here at tSMN. I have recently moved from the UK and I’m loving Australia.

Ad Operations


I work in the ads team and currently work on everything ad related.

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