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Take your social media content to the next level with Video & Animation!

Take Your Brand To The Next Level With Professional Video Content & Animation.

Video content in this day and age is really important, it adds that extra level of credibility to your brand to future customers and clients, it clearly showcases your product and services to an audience who’s attention is roughly 30 seconds, there is only so much text can do.

The best part, Video/animation helps businesses and companies differentiate their content and services from the competition and take their digital presence to the next level. How many times have you done research on a brand / services and have landed on an Instagram / facebook account with copy pasted captions and quote templates that are not unique! (too many in our opinion!)

When you work with us, you will receive completely custom content around your brand, we will have our videographer and animator work closely with you to ensure we’re sending the right message across.

Create Great Content That People Actually Want To See

Did you know that video gets 5x more engagement on social media than regular images?

With the introduction of Canva, more images on social media look exactly the same. How are you supposed to stand out if everyone simply does the same thing!

Video is more engaging, more memorable, and more popular any other type of content, and it belongs solely to you. If you are selling products, creating tutorials or explainer videos helps to move people into buyers.

When was the last time you we’re convinced to buy a product or service by watching another brand’s video? If you we’re doing research on a brand, would you rather:

A – Watch a quick, cool and well made video from the company of interest?

B – Read content and a lengthy post from that company?

Don’t get me wrong, if you pick ‘B’, no problem, we do that too – but we found that ‘A’ works really well! no, Incredibly well! What do you have to lose? At the end of the Video Session, you will receive amazing content that you can use in presentations, social media marketing, structure ads around and so much more!

Here are some sample work of what our amazing graphic designers came up with for our clients: 

The Video Content Process

Our team will contact you to go through your requirements and make an appointment to set up a date to have your photo/video shoot of your product/service.

Then our team will run off to our amazing agency with the footage and edit away to provide you with the finished product(s) that you can use for social media, video presentations, marketing materials and generally anything you like!

Video content is great for:

  • Generating engagement
  • Builds Trust
  • Relevant for Google (SEO)
  • Video Appeals to Mobile Users
  • Can Explain what you need
  • Encourages Social Shares
  • Video Is growing Email Campaigns

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