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Drive More Sales With Social Media E-Commerce Ads

Our social media company’s specialty is running eCommerce Ads on facebook and instagram (not to mention google shopping ads). We absolutely love it, the data, the vigorous testing and when we make that sale with positive Return On Adspend (ROA) it lights a fire or pure motivation to scale and conquer that industry.

Facebook Ad Manager + ECommerce

Facebook’s algorithm is so powerful that it will literally find you people who want to buy your product.

Facebook’s ad services are so well constructed that they will put your ads in-front of prospective “Buyers”. Not just random users with a mild interest in your industry (like most platforms do…).

With this in mind, our clients have an average 5x return on ad spend, and many of our clients, and we mean many have a 4,000% return.

But it is not as easy as it sounds if you’ve never done it before. Our Ad Managers have the experience and know how to set up a campaign correctly and scale to ensure maximum profit margins.

Consistent Optimisations: Find The Sweet Spot, Then SCALE!

eCommerce ads require constant optimisations in creative, targeting & placements.

The biggest mistake business’s make with eCommerce is that they fail to optimise for their ads. When the ads don’t work, they immediately give up and move on. As an experienced social media marketing agency, our team will look at the data we receive and continually optimise and weed out what doesn’t work and scale the things that do work – This is Key.

Our content writers know how to write sales copy that sales, and our videographers/ photographers know how to create video/ photos that sell. Also if your website isn’t optimised for conversions (AKA your website sucks)… we’ll let you know how to fix this too.

If our team had a ‘Set-and-Forget’ mentality… they would be fired. On a brighter note, our team rocks, so you will never have to worry!

Setting Up Your Facebook Pixel

Your Facebook Pixel is key to your success in the eCommerce world, if you haven’t set yours up, we can help with that. 


The Facebook pixel is almost as powerful as Google Analytics. The pixel will collect all your data from your website from, landing page views, shopping cart activation to purchases.


Out team will dissect this data, and use to create a very accurate customer profile of people who buy and only target those people. We will create Look-A-Like AdsRetargeting Ads (That are done correctly) combined with a few of our own secret strategies to drive conversions. This is how you pump pure sales on Social Media.

ROI & Social Media Campaign Reporting

The proof is in the pudding. Are you getting a positive ROI? 


You will receive regular reporting so you can physically see how your Facebook Conversion Ad Campaigns are going!


The main goal: Sales. Without sales and accurate e-commerce reporting, we wouldn’t be in business.

70% Of People Discover New Products On Instagram & Facebook – Via Instagram Business

We’re A Certified Facebook Marketing Partner

Basically this means our social media agency has met Facebook’s requirements as a top Company.


The Facebook’s Marketing Partner badge means that our team and agency have passed a certain number of qualifications and Agency Criteria our Facebook Product knowledge. AKA our team knows their shit.

No Lock In Contracts

Our clients stay with us because they like our service and get results.


We have no lock in contracts, we only require 4 weeks notice for any cancellation as we plan & work in advance.


But an important thing to note is, our eCommerce Campaigns get better and better with time as we collect and optimise your campaigns, so it might be worth while to invest in the time to create and develop your social media so it becomes a sales generating machine.

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