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We're team who have a passion for what we do!

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Who Is The The Social Media Network?

The Social Media Network began when a client came to us and asked us to manage her social media. We came in, pitched and won! On that faithful day The Social Media Network was born and we have been helping clients grow their business through social media ever since.

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What We Are Not…

We’re not the kind of agency that calls ourselves social media Gurus or use fancy buzz words to confuse our clients into spending more…we’re not that self absorbed! For us, it’s all about our clients & helping them achieve their business goals. We’re a team who have a passion for what we do.

Social Media Presence

Be A Part Of Our Unique Culture

We’re an agency that solely specialises in social media. We’ll build buzz around your brand, join conversations online and get people talking about you. We will create, strengthen and develop your social media presence and help your business achieve its goals. That’s our mission and we’re damn good at it! – Just ask our clients.


If your looking for an agency to help you build your digital presence and reach out to a larger audience, then feel free to contact us for a no obligation consultation.

Brand Positioning

What We Do

We create content for you that people like and share with their friends… who then like and share it with theirs. Word spreads, and you get seen by the people who want what you’re selling.

We put you where you need to be in the eye of your customer. Social media is ideal for brand positioning, and we tailor our strategy to project the image that works best for you.

Ready to get started? Contact us now and we’ll get to work on your social media strategy.