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The Social Media Network is officially recognised as a Facebook Marketing Partner.

We’re all about the ROI, if you’re getting sales, leads and conversions from your ads, then as a Facebook Ad Agency, we know we’re doing out job right. We don’t hide behind fancy words and metrics that mean squat, we work our asses off, test every strategy to get you real results. On average we spend 2 million a year on facebook ads across a number of different industries, our team has the data, the experience and the qualifications to run your ads on your behalf to get you results. We will always treat your business like it was our own.

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Engagement, Reach & Leads!

FAQ: “How Do I Get More Likes On My Facebook Business Page?”

The real question you should be asking is, “how do I get more leads from our Facebook efforts!”

Facebook Likes are a nice to have but in this day and age they are not a must if you have more than 200 fans. Our main focus when creating your ad strategy is building a relevant audience by creating a customer profile, social proofing your page to enhance your digital credibility and then driving ads to book people in for your service for a low cost per lead. The best part, people will still like your page in the process!

If it’s Likes, reach and engagement you want, we’ll get them, if it’s leads you want we’ll get them too. We know that there are no 2 business that are the same, so it is important to book yourself in for a strategy session with us so we can discuss how we can help build your business’s presence on Facebook.

If you’re asking yourself at this point why do I need to put so much attention on Facebook? Simply put, there are over 17 million active Australian users on Facebook who spend on average 12 minutes a day on the platform… So we can confidently say your audience is on Facebook!

It Takes On Average 5.5x For Your Brand To Be Seen For Users To Feel
Comfortable Enough To Engage With You.

Anyone Can “Boost” A Post, We Use Ad Manger Tools

Facebook created the ‘boost ad’ function to make it easier for business owners to spend money with them, but it’s not always the best tool to use. We use Ad manger where you will have an effective ROI, measurable results and extra tools to build a “Buying Audience” who actually want to receive content from you.

If you want to know more, shoot us an email social@tsmn.com.au or your visit our Contact Us Page

All Our Social Media Packages Include An Advertising Budget, This Ensures Your Community Grows Every Month

Facebook Advertising is the most targeted form of digital advertising out there. When advertising in Facebook, you can set targeting parameters to include such information as:

  • Age
  • Geographical location
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Employment industries
  • Peoples specific interests (the real crux behind targeting)
  • People in specific groups
  • Income
  • Parents of specific aged children
  • Or even your competitors fans! (our little secret)


This simply means that Facebook allows you to advertise to a specific group of targeted users. This ensures that you do not waste time and money advertising to the wrong target market. Your ads will be seen exactly by the people who are potential customers.

With our service we will create ads that will create a funnel of very interested prospects into custom audience then duplicate that audience with a Look-a-Like Feature.  – Not sure what that means?

That’s okay, leave the technical side to us, while you can focus on your passion, the real reason why you started your business.

What You Can Expect With Our Facebook Advertising Services

  • More targeted Facebook Likes to your business/ product page
  • More engagement, sales & leads
  • More traffic to your Business Page
  • We will create your Facebook Ad and write your ‘Copy’
  • Videography
  • A targeting strategy to ensure we are seen by your potential customers
  • Build buzz around your brand
  • Reporting and optimisations to ensure a high ROI

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