LinkedIn Ads (B2B)

B2B Lead Gen & Brand Awareness Through LinkedIn Ads

B2B Advertising via Linkedin

LinkedIn Is An Incredibly Interesting Platform For Creating B2B Relationships – It’s A B2B Goldmine

With the right budget and the right messaging, LinkedIn Ads can really help grow your business. LinkedIn has two major benefits:

  1. A great way to position yourself (business, brand or company) as a leader in your particular industry
  2. Targeted Reach to exactly the right people

LinkedIn recently revamped their campaign manager (ad platform) to feature new tools with even sharper targeting options, which let you focus on brand awarenesslead generation, and engagement. Depending on your marketing strategy and Ad budget our team can really do some damage here.

61 Million LinkedIn Users Are Senior Level Influencers And 40 Million Are In
Decision-Making Positions. – LinkedIn

Anyone Can Jump On LinkedIn And “Sponsor Posts”, We Use LinkedIn Campaign Manager

LinkedIn created the ‘Sponsor Content’ function to make it easier for business owners to spend money with them, but it’s not always the best tool to use. You’re missing out on a lot of functions and flexibility. Campaign manager is more advanced, takes more time and is more accurate, but thats our job! We ensure that no corners are cut, and that we squeeze every little bit of ROI out of your budget as we can. Then we optimise, optimise and optimise some more!

tSMN doesn’t have any lock-in contracts, our clients stay because they want to, not because they are held hostage. 

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All Our Social Media Packages Include An Advertising Budget, Because Content Alone Takes WAY Too Long To Grow Your Brand!

LinkedIn Ads can be very effective when you know exactly who you want to target. When advertising on LinkedIn, you can set targeting parameters to include such information as:

  • Job Title / Seniority
  • Geographical location
  • Gender
  • Company
  • Employment industries
  • People in specific groups
  • Income
  • Or even your competitor’s followers! (our little secret)

LinkedIn has many tools that can potentially lead to a great ROI if done correctly. If your target market is on LinkedIn, we can target them.

What You Can Expect With Our LinkedIn Advertising Services

  • More targeted LinkedIn Followers to your company page
  • More reach and targeted traffic to your website
  • We will create your LinkedIn Ads and write your ‘Copy’ for Lead Gen Ads, InMail or reach ads
  • Videography / Creative
  • A targeting strategy to ensure we are seen by your potential customers
  • Build buzz around your brand / Service
  • More engagement, sales & leads
  • Reporting and optimisations to ensure a high ROI

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