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We’ll give you an honest digital health check, NOT a sales pitch. Our Head Strategist & Our Social Media Director  will analyse your social media accounts, website, ads (if you have any live), online reputation and reviews, your competitors and see what your business can do to improve.

No one really likes a health check, but as a business owner, you should know.


We will take a deep look at all your social media platforms and look at ways you could be increasing your traffic, engagement, sales and leads. Social media is a powerful tool, and people are very comfortable using it. If your’e not doing it correctly, you can bet your key competitors are.

We will analysis your website, social media platforms and SEO to see how effective your digital reach is within your market. Your customers are using online platforms everyday, we need to make sure that they can find your service or brand effectively.

After our initial analysis, we will high light where you can grow your social media and turn your digital platforms into hot leads and sales.

Finally, how our team can add value and ROI to your company. You can technically consider us as a member of your marketing team.

Our competitor analysis will show you where you rank digitally within your industry. We’ll look at the ads your competitors are running, their levels of social media engagement and their SEO ranking in comparison to yours.

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