Social Media Case Study:
Brand & Customer Service

Melli Cosmetics

About The Client: Supagas

Social Media Management Via Facebook & Instagram

Supagas is one of the market leading providers of LPG, industrial, medical and helium gas in Australia and have subsidiaries all around the country.

Supagas had never used social media when they started with us, so we had to start from scratch. This initial objective was brand awareness and being positioned strongly amongst their competition online.

Phase One: Initial Setup to build Facebook & Instagram with professional looking content & followers to socially proof the company. We had strict brand guidelines and required legal approval on all content that was going to be public.

Phase Two: Run Ads, create more value adding content that users can relate to, promote new promotions to new and exisiting customers and a competition to build buzz around the brand.

Phase Three: The page has grown so much that we had to create a customer service element to the page. We trained our social media coordinators to collect customer data via Social Media and send these enquiries to the right subsidiaries around the country.  All customer enquires and comments must be responded to within 24 hours.

Phase four: Create a process for growth, run ads to maintain and increase reach and watch our digital foot print grow far beyond the competition.

The Goal

The main challenge was creating content and ads that was legal friendly as this industry is highly regulated, the messaging needed to be safe, on point and clear

The Result

  • Pure Bad Ass Sales With A 13,000% Return On Ad Spend In Two Weeks.
  • Consistent Growth Month On Month In Terms Of Reach And Enquires To The Page.
  • Reach: 259,885 People Monthly With An Average Growth Rate Of 10% A Month.
  • Engagement: 59,252 Engagements Monthly With An Average Growth Rate Of 7% A Month.
  • Messages To The Page: 76 Messages On Average Per Month From Exisiting And New Customer Enquires
  • New Followers Per Month: 100-300 Relevant Followers (Not The Focus)

Social media has become an important channel for Supagas over the years, it has simplified customer communication and has greatly helped with brand recognition. In terms of increasing digital reach the process we have implanted ensures growth every month.

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