5 Reasons Why Hiring An Awesome Marketing Agency Might Be Worth It

Realistically; if you’re busy and if you can’t afford a full-timer a Marketing agency could be the answer for you… Social media has revolutionised the way we communicate and businesses, Brands and Companies need to keep up. That’s where hiring a social media agency comes in. Let’s say you have just started a clothing brand, and you have these amazing designs that you know would absolutely crush it. Now that you are an owner and a founder, you are no longer just designing clothing, you’re now sales, marketing, communication, HR, finance, pick packing, dealing with customer service enquires and returns,  etc.   That’s just 10% of your time designing! That’s why it’s worth hiring a social media agency to help you, reach the right people, create awesome content that resonates with your audience and to create killer social media ads to sell your products. Same goes with hospitality or the beauty industry or even FMCG. If you want to do marketing well, while also focusing on the quality of your brand, we recommend hiring a social media agency with expertise in social media management. Here’s why investing in a social media agency might be worth it:  

1. A marketing agency has expertise and experience in your specific niche:

  A social media agency has pros who know the ins and outs of each platform and can create killer social media strategies that deliver results around your brand.   Save time and money: Buy back your time. Hiring a social media agency is often more cost-effective than hiring an in-house team and lets businesses and brands focus on what they do best. Think about it, you hire an 21 year old entry level marketing person for 55k a year plus 10.5% super and insurances. You have to train them up, you have to get 1 person to learn how to make great content which includes, photography & videography, create ad strategies, do community management, pull reports etc. And YOU have to manage them, and to be honest their work might be shit since their entry level…   When yo hire a marketing agency like tSMN (ha ha), on our bigger package will cost you $750, $1k per week (52k a year), inclusive of everything! Video, photo, ads, reporting, community management, posting and strategy. Plus our team have experience, lots of it… Click here to check out our social media packages  

2. A Marketing Agency has Access to data and insights:

  A good Marketing Agency will have access to loads of data that can help businesses make informed decisions and improve performance, and since we are Meta and TikTok partners we have reps that can help us when we are need, businesses and companies don’t really get that, unless you’re paying big on ads.  

3. Customised Social Media Strategies:

No two businesses are alike, and a social media agency will understand that. They create tailored digital marketing strategies that help businesses stand out and achieve their goals. As an example; we have a number of massive food clients, and the one thing we notice; is that suburb on suburb, social media engagement and behaviour is so different.   Did you know that area’s such as Penrith, Blacktown and Campbelltown a ‘Like Ad’ fires like nothing other – 0.20 cents per like, people like and engage with posts organically over time and you get a ton of inboxes for bookings and orders. Now in comparison, areas such as Bondi, Coogee Bronti and Vaucluse – this does not work, cost per like is $2-$3 and you rarely get any organic activity. Instead, what works is influencer videos + engagement and traffic ads. Have a white girl or guy in your creative eating food that is staged… thats what fires.   And how to do we have this knowledge? Through years and years of learnings. This is the kind of value a digital social media agency can offer your brand. Now don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some agency’s out there that… just want to F*Ck you, outsource the work offshore and take your money. That’s not tSMN.  

4. Innovation:

Social media is always evolving, there are new platforms, new admanagers to adapt to like TikTok and Pinterest, new products and policies that could inhibit the success of your campaigns. Digital agencies stay ahead of the curve, we adapt, we learn and we help brands and businesses take advantage of new trends and opportunities. Otherwise… we lose our clients. If you haven’t noticed, Facebook updates it’s platforms every 6 months and our team has to scramble to get new assets made, find out how to use the various new business manager features and the worst one yet… updates to ads and who we can and can’t target! – When you hire a media agency, thats one thing you wont have to deal with!

5. Increased reach and engagement:

Agencies have the tools and resources to help businesses reach and engage with their target audience, and create content that’s optimised for each platform. Not just that, a digital agency like ours, spends $100,000’s a month on ads, so we have so many learnings that we can implement to achieve your brand’s goals; such as getting more followers on instagram, growing your TikTok in our sleep, getting more leads, getting more sales, driving more traffic, setting up retargeting infinitives and so much more. You can leverage a social media agency’s experience for your own benefit, instead of hiring an in house marketing person / team.   In conclusion, investing in a social media agency is a smart move for businesses looking to build their brand, connect with customers, and drive sales. With their expertise, cost-effectiveness, data-driven insights, tailored strategies, innovation, and ability to boost reach and engagement, social media agencies are worth every penny.   Now for the elevator pitch (this wouldn’t be a very good blog if there wasn’t one): When you hire our agency, you are not just getting a social media service, you’re getting a marketing team that will attach it self to your company / brand. We hate doing on off campaigns, theres nothing exciting about that for us because when we take you on as a social media client, we will treat your company like it was our own. Want to know how tSMN can help your brand feel free to contact us here: www.tsmn.com.au/contact