One Key Reason Why Your Facebook Ads Probably Suck

Let’s get straight to the point, the main reason why your Facebook ads probably suck and will drain your budget unnecessarily is because you’re listening to Facebook’s recommendations. They will “Suggest” what placements and strategies you should be using… which is nice… for them, not for your budget.

Facebook does two really annoying things:

  1. By default, they have your placements selected for you, and to re-enforce you to use their recommendations, they use fancy terminology such as: Advantage+. This is absolutely rubbish, eats your budget and never provides any really results (unless you’re extremely lucky). Why does Facebook want you to use this placement? The answer is simple, it’s cheap, and forces your campaign to spend the budget more efficiently for them – since there is a lot of competition that you will be bidding against. Also one thing to note is that your campaigns are set by default to spend the least amount possible… so that means, your impressions are being wasted on people who don’t care about your ad.
  2. They have a call centre in Singapore, who call you on a weekly bases trying to get you to spend more money on strategies that do not work or have zero value. (Pssst Google does this too). It’s really annoying especially when an agency like ours works across  over 200 active ad accounts and have a plethora of learnings.


The solution: Simply do this, click manual placements (ignore their recommendations). Tick off Audience Network and the Messenger placements. These placements are absolutely useless.


facebook ads


After this, click only on Facebook feed, Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels & Facebook Reels. The rest are no benefit. (If you’re in the eCom field, you can potentially use the Facebook Marketplace placement)

Now you’re done! Thank me later.