5 Social Media Mistakes Businesses Make And How To Avoid Them

1. No Entertainment or Engagement – Probably the most common social media mistakes businesses make

Let’s kick start this off!

Your brand is important but you shouldn’t rely on this solely, to propel it even further it’s necessary to get the marketing right, especially with crafting great social media content, that’s the key. Striking a balance of content online is always a good thing! Variety is the spice of life and this type of thing goes a long way to show how hard you have gone at it, to develop your products. Think about a great movie, what is the recipe to that? A bit of action, some romance and comedy. Your social media content should be just like that, if you get my drift.

It is important for your audience to know your brand is authentic, having relevant content, will keep your customers happy.  Balance is the key to success, use your brands unique identity to bring out the best qualities for your content. Your customers will appreciate this, and will have them coming back again and again!

There is no one single cookie cutter template for your content. Let’s mix it up! Keep it diverse, fun,  and some serious content in there too. Making real connections with your audience goes beyond the payment phase! Educate your audience, share a heart felt story or interesting aspects of your industry. This adds so much more to what you have to offer!

Turn your content from meh, to va-va-voom! 


social media mistakes


2. Hire the Right Social Media People (or Agency):

Not hiring the right people is a major cause of stress especially for the livelihood of your business. Hire someone who thinks outside the box and has a great reputation, get yourself a social media manager to actively engage your audience in ways you couldn’t think were possible. Someone who will give you honest feedback, and is not afraid to make big decisions. Trust your team and they will love you for it, they’ll be willing to do a back flip or two, your brand is in good hands with Tsmn!

Your aim as an entrepreneur is to navigate your dream, and vision for your brand. You have to cultivate your team. Getting the right talent can be tricky, you’ll need affective people who bring a fresh perspective and fit the roles you seek. Tapping into a plethora and network of individuals will take your business to the next level.

Take your vision to new heights takes an army. We’ll, maybe not an army, but a collective effort. Give trust to your team, to make informed decisions and to work with your team so they know they have the leadership from you. This means your team will be fully committed and can work autonomously. Step it up! With a team of Avengers, means your work will be extrodinary together.


3. Customise! 

Understanding the flow of creating meaningful content: The same shit that doesn’t work once, won’t work twice. Re-evaluate your thinking, which also plays on my last point of trusting your team. No two brands are the same and certain things need a special kind of approach to achieve success. Ask yourself, if you have a whole bunch of ideas, will all of them work? Most likely no. A careful selection of the best ones are what you are after, ask the right questions and customise to fit your brand. 

Let’s get dynamic and revive your approaches. Trust me it’s always good to step back, readapt, and find just the right spark, be open to changes. Think outside the box, and use custom crafted strategies to make your brand resonate. 

Content creation, is a combo of conception and careful strategy. Pick your best ideas, not throw the entire kitchen sink of ideas at the internet! Your clients will thank you for your efforts, especially baking the cake of content! Does it match your target audience? If not cut it back so you make lasting impactful punch, to create a seemless feel to your content.


social media mistakes


4. High Quality Over Quantity:

Nab yourself a gun photographer and videographer. Beautiful eye catching content that is great to look at will draw your audience in! There is nothing worse than scrolling through low res imagery and videography. If you hire us, we have an in house dream team! With everything right at our finger tips we’ll get you great content your brand deserves. 

Cheap is almost never cheerful or too good to be true, am I right? Cheap photography or video equals lack of quality, which isn’t the way you want your brand to be exposed to the public. Especially when it comes to the nitty gritty like editing or post production, we have you covered. We have extremely experienced legends, who will work with you to create dynamo work, which will knock your socks off and your clients!



5. A plan is better than no plan: 

Show case what your brand is all about and built a strategic plan, here is a little taste of what we can offer!

Increasing traffic to your website is not only great for product profit but also finding great ways to educate and get your customers involved through your socials. 

By having a healthy review system, can often help draw even more clicks to your products. Get involved with your customers, by show casing your customers with products and kind reviews go along way! Think about how many times you’ll go to Dr Google, to check out a brand or product and check company reviews and comments to sus it all out. 

Sit down with your team, aka Tsmn we are happy to help you develop and show case your brand in the spotlight. We’ve worked with our clients for many years, we are very proud of our work and especially thankful to our on-going clients. We would be glad to chat with you, step into our world and let’s get started!