Should You Be Using Meta’s New Advantage Plus Shopping Campaign (ASC) product?

If you’re an eCommerce brand, this article is for you… Introducing *Drumroll*

Meta’s new Advantage plus Shopping Campaign structure


Now ASC is a product that lets Facebook (AKA Meta) decide where, who, when and how it shows your ads to audiences on Facebook and Instagram. You have no real control, you’re trusting your campaign to Meta’s machine learning AI to sell your products. Scary right?


Facebook doesn’t have a great track record with their recommendations on their platforms, such as running ads on Audience network and Messenger platforms just to deliver more impressions that rarely yields results but has a nice time spending your precious ad budget!


BUT – the question is should you be using ASC?


When ASC first came out I was a bit skeptical. Facebook’s recommendations usually suck and are based on what works in theory, but fails to work in real world applications. My meta rep was like “Hey, you need to try this out and you need to at least place 60% of your budget on it”


My response (Babs), “no way, my campaigns are firing, how do I explain to my client’s that I wasted their ad spend?”

So I setup my ASC Campaign … and to my amazement…

The campaigns were a freken’ success! All of my ROA’s improved, some improved significantly and the longer I ran my campaigns (2 weeks+) the lower my CPA’s became.


I tested this on 5 eCommerce brands including one that was ready to quit as our ROAs was only 0.1 and they all started improve exponentially! The campaigns we have setup for our client’s are getting better day by day. One pattern I have noticed is that the Value of the carts are getting bigger and bigger.

  After Advantage Plus implemented: This was a client that was failing, our ROAs – was incredibly bad, and we were just breaking even. We thought we were done, but after ASC was created in 3 week’s it started firing and we have scaled up 5x and we are maintaining A ROAs of 5.1.   Also please note, we were using the same creative for these campaigns; nothing was changed. (We did not change the creative because with our previous experience; the ads were were running for our other clients has similar styles that worked).  

  Before Advantage plus shopping campaign – here we were testing Ad group after Ad group and even our retargeting and LLA was failing. (Sorry, but we’re not going to share our strategies so that part has been cut off!)  

So after seeing such amazing results, we tested the ASC campaigns on ALL our eCommerce clients and the results have been phenomenal.  One of our clients has a ROAs average of 73.90!     And here is another one of our client’s on ASC – I can share screenshots ALL day!  

But – there is a caveat to having a successful ASC campaign…

  To get good results you must have a decent amount of ad content in your campaigns, have 1-3 ads in this campaign won’t yield you great results; you need 10-20 ads and let Meta do the rest. The more it has to play with the better your campaigns do. So hurry up and go setup your campaigns immediately, the longer they run the better your results!