New Instagram Features Your Brand Needs To Know About In 2023

With the new virus and most people staying at home to help flatten the curve, Instagram has become a safe haven for those who seek some valuable entertainment and even business. This platform has developed several features and tools that connect people from all around the globe, share different goods and products, and help enterprises grow.

If this is what you are looking for your own business, you have come to the right place! We developed a list of new Instagram features your brand needs to know about. These features have been recently implemented on the app and are the current trend. And you know how it is in social media, you have got to be in fashion! So, take a good look and bring out the full potential of your business!

From business profiles to online Shops!

Did it ever cross your mind the thought that people wouldn’t buy your products in store for a long time due to COVID-19? Thanks to Instagram’s new features, there is a modern shopping experience for both businesses and customers. And all it takes is turning your business profile into an online shopping space!

This means users can visit your store right from your or others’ Feeds and Stories, and also through the explore tab. Visiting your shopping profile would never be more comfortable, exceptionally innovative, and easier to use. Without leaving the app, customers will be able to buy all those things they love and wish they could have, even during the pandemic. This new feature has come to satisfy lock-down wishes, and to give a hand to those businesses that are struggling to survive.

With the whole world spending more time on their phones, you will have an opportunity like no other. Would you like to know how to set up Instagram Shopping to sell more products? Check out this link: https://blog.hootsuite.com/insta-shopping-tips/.

Guides – a new way to wellness

You must remember that customers not only want to buy the things they desire the most. They also want to achieve a peaceful state of mind and a healthy lifestyle, especially during the COVID-19 crisis – and how to blame them, right? -.

In that sense, what a better way to prove you care for your customers than using Guides? This ingenious feature was made for users to find useful and reliable information effortlessly. What kind of information? “Guides” is dedicated to wellness and mental health.

This means that your customers will obtain tips and resources right from your publishers and public figures. And this feature is definitely user-friendly! You will find it on your profile, and the content can be shared via Instagram Stories and direct messages.

Say goodbye to depending on hashtags only! There is a new way to bring valuable information right to the hands of your followers with just another tab on your feed!


New Stickers for Your Entrepreneurship


The “Support Small Businesses” StickerThis new feature is all about helping small businesses succeed in the online world while living in a pandemic era. But you might probably be wondering how stickers can help your business thrive on this well-known platform.

Instagram users definitely love stickers. They really enjoy adding them up to their Stories and displaying them to their followers. And now, they have the opportunity of showing their appreciation and support for small businesses by just mentioning them with the sticker in their Instagram Stories.

This is how it works: Stories promoting the sticker will give their followers a preview of the small business’s account. This does not only mean a greater connection with current customers but the opportunity of reaching new ones. These Stories will also be added to a shared Instagram Story alongside other content related to small business awareness.

The DM Me Sticker

The DM Me Sticker is another practical Instagram feature for your brand. This new tool will allow your audience to communicate with you directly. By effortlessly adding the DM Me Sticker to your Stories, your customers will have automatic access to you, and who does not want to talk to the owner of the business? Sure many Karens do! It is as simple as tapping the sticker in the Story and typing a message. The message will be sent immediately to your business Instagram DM inbox, easy-peasy!

Communication is key between sellers and clients, especially during times of change and when everything is online. So, do not miss this opportunity to engage with your costumers and let your brand expand in the digital world.

Did you know there are 5 different ways you can use the DM Me sticker for a business?

The Challenge Sticker

There is another Instagram tool you can use for your brand, called the Challenge Sticker. And this one is, without a doubt, the funniest of them all!

Besides using stickers, people enjoy playing all kinds of games on Instagram, and this is where the challenges take place. They are a sort of game in which users challenge others to post a specific type of content in their accounts. A simple example could be asking your customers to share Instagram Stories, where they are seen posing with your products.

When it comes to your brand and creating a challenge, you will not be the only one to nominate other Instagram users. Your viewers will also be able to be part of your challenge and invite others to participate as well. This is an incredible way to blend in the Instagram community and connect with your audience. So what are you waiting for? Dare to try this sticker out and accept the challenge!

Wondering how to use Instagram’s new “Challenge Sticker” on your Stories? Here is a link for you: https://later.com/blog/instagram-stories-challenge-sticker/

Working on your comments

In a world where social networks have become an essential way of communication in almost any aspect of life, you can encounter different opinions on the internet. Both positive and negative. This is why Instagram has worked towards making the platform a safe place for everybody, and one of its new features certainly does the job.

The app is now testing the option for allowing people to delete comments in bulk, and also block various users at once. This way, you will be able to stay away from all those interactions that are hurtful or impertinent, so you can have a positive space for your viewers. Bulk-deleting is the perfect feature for businesses and public figures that have many followers. And it is definitely the ultimate feature that will make managing your posts an effortless process.

In 2021, there are many Instagram features your brand needs to know about, and there are certainly more to come. Do not miss these new tools Instagram is now offering for different businesses. Keep up with what is new on the app and see how your brand thrives and prospers.

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