I'm Ray

Client Services Manager

at tSMN .

Account Management

I work very closely with my social media clients to ensure our team is on the same page re: strategy and execution.


A key component of my role at tSMN is social media strategy. Over the last 12 years I have worked with over 400 clients in a number of different industries. This has given me the experience to immediately know what will work from an ROI perspective.

Client Relationship Management

I’ve owned and sold a number of businesses in my past, from finance companies, hospitality and restaurants and beauty. This past experience allows me to connect with our clients so I genuinely understand their needs with out “bullshit sales tactics“

Technical Experience

From web development, POS Gateways, SMS Marketing and all things social, I have solid foundations in all these areas, so you can ask me anything technical related..

About Me

My Role At TSMN

There are just way to many Social media Agencies in Australia that have no idea what their doing, that will happily take your money, sign you on a 6 month contract and deliver practically no results… and that drives me insane.

The tSMN is an agency that we built over 10 years ago and we are ROI focused. Let’s ignore the popular term “data driven campaigns” for a minute and let that sink in; we are ROI focused and if we can’t deliver, we will either tell you that you are not ready for an agency or when we sign you on; tSMN have no lock in contracts, so our client’s purely stay for the results.

It’s my job personally to ensure, my client’s are happy, that they are taken care of and that they feel important. More than 80% of Australian’s are active on social media and we will work diligently to get your brand in front of the right people, increase leads, brand awareness and sales (eCommerce or in Store).

About Me

My Perspective

As a business owner myself, I know how important marketing is, I know how important cash flow is for a business and I know damn well how difficult it is to train and attain new staff. I have taken this knowledge and joined tSMN to ensure the brands, companies and business owner’s I look after are in good hands.

We have an amazing social media team; and each person has their specialty and I’m proud to be a part of this agency.

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Account Management
Social Media Strategy
SMS Marketing
Promotions Marketing / List Building / Sales