Influencer Marketing is a very powerful tool marketers frequently use. Restaurants are constantly encouraging their customers to post on social media, one of our clients offers a significant discount if you post on social media and it works!

Have you ever purchased anything based on something you saw on social media? I definitely have, my friends defiantly have – do you remember the Gucci shoes craze? Or have you noticed how more people are spending on high-end watches? – Social influence. 6 years ago, I didn’t even know what Louis Vuitton was!

Influencer marketing is no easy task.

Our first hand experience with influencer marketing:

  • Pull out last minute
  • Not show up
  • Accept client products but not post or follow brief
  • That require constant follow up
  • Ignore the influencer agreement
  • Provide us with the incorrect address for delivery of packages

It can be rough working with influencers when you are first starting out, but that is okay. It’s important to learn from these mistakes and optimise your influencer strategy, because when this is done correctly and you have a solid process… You will laughing.

There are many statistics on influencer marketing that shows that this strategy is worth the time and investment:

  • 80% of marketing professionals say influencer marketing works and 89% emphasise it’s just as effective as other marketing channels, if not better.
  • 71% of marketing professionals say the quality of customers and traffic from is better than other sources. (higher conversion rate)
  • 49% of customers in 2019-2020 depend on influencer recommendations for their purchase. 60% of consumers say they have been influenced by an influencer in a recent purchase.
  • Search engine searches for “influencer marketing” grew 1,500% in the last 3-4 years.
  • 48% of marketing professionals working with influencers say their relationship with their audience is the most valuable factor when considering which influencer to partner with.

It’s important to be thorough with influencer marketing. It’s not as simple as selecting a person with 10k+ followers and hoping for it to produce sales and following. The top three goals of influencer marketing for brands and businesses include increasing brand awareness, reaching new audiences, and generating sales.

The best influencer marketing tip we can give you:

Create a circle of influence: Find a great influencer that ticks all the boxes (location, real & local followers, high engagement rate and someone that is genuinely social and has a great relationship with their audience). Next, reach out to an influencer that they follow or who follows them in the same niche and repeat the process on an ongoing basis.

Consistency is key:

If you’re not consistant your uplift in reach will simply disappear and you will be forgotten.

Combine Your Influencer Campaign With Paid Advertising Strategies:

Install a pixel, capture email and phone numbers and create look-a-like audiences and retarget, retarget & retarget.

The Money Is In The List:

Many brands and businesses know it can take up to 6 years to be truely profitable. Spend this time building quality lists of customers through influencer marketing and send promos codes / deals / product updates and more via SMS and Email as well.

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