social media likeWith roughly 800 million active users (almost 1 billion soon!) – Instagram is the leading ‘star child’ of the social media ecosystem at the moment! Being one of the main players, it has increasingly become more valuable than an amusing consumer product – a game changer that continues to shape the business world that allows interaction with consumers to be more personal.

Instagram continues to become a highly-desired platform on which influencers strive to achieve reputability. Successful obtaining influencer status opens the door for power attainment, leverage and the ability to make a lot of money for your business!

With the advancements in technology and the rise of social media, particularly Instagram – Generation Z and millennials have used this platform as one of their primary sources of interaction. By the increase number of individuals and brands on Instagram – the harder for businesses to be “seen” in the digital media and business world.

In 2018, more than 50% of brands have currently on Instagram – resulting in increased competition. Businesses are constantly trying to one up their competitors, where it has become difficult for social media specialists to make their brand stand out from the crowd – especially with the continuous rise of its popularity and the implementation of Instagram stori

es and short movies.

To get the most our of their powerhouse platform, the more eyes on your content the better!

So, to get an explosive follower growth – follow these tips! 

Money – The easiest and most cost-effective method of spending money to achieve Instagram growth is by paying influencers or themed Instagram accounts in your desired niche, like promotional posts that can increase awareness for your business.

Content – Produce high-quality content that resonates with your followers and it will increase engagement rates. Definitely try video content as it provides a great way for followers to engage with you.

  • Instagram has developed an algorithm that evidently gives priority to high engagement accounts influenced by their followers and the relationship and interaction levels with them.
  • A high engagement rate is extremely beneficial in increasing your odds of getting a follow from prospective consumers who have come across your account.
  • Instagram is all about the aesthetic. The images should be impeccable as should your feed – so, plan! It’s important to remain consistent where, your feed is telling a compelling story and conveys the lifestyle of your target customer.
  • Follow Rule of Thirds: Have a mix of promotional, conversational and sharing posts to build awareness!
  • Hashtags! They are very powerful as they allow content to appear in search results and attract new customers.

Relationships – Building strong relationships with your followers, colleagues and clients and the ability to network can be life-changing. These relationships may open opportunities that could potentially benefit your business.

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