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Getting Instagram followers is easy, getting quality Instagram followers, is a little different. In this post I will share with you 10 ways to get followers, and what it takes to build a quality following starting from the most easy, to the most time consuming.

If you stick with these tips, when you reach the hook point; where your growth snowballs on its own, you’ll be laughing!

“Social Media is like planting a tree, you nurture it, then watch it grow”

1. Follow For Follow.

Find your niche, find similar Instagram pages to yours and follow their followers. If these followers are interested in your social media content, they will probably follow you back.

How it works: Every time you log into Instagram and you see a notification, your endorphins kick in and you have to check and see what it is, right? So, if you follow someone, that user will definitely check and do a little investigating to see who you are.

Downside: Lots of people do this, so out of 10 people who follow you back… only 1 will probably be relevant and genuinely interested in what you have to offer. The second down side, is that Instagram doesn’t want people to do this, so after about 20-100 follows, the ‘Follow’ function will be disabled for a few mins-hours, and if you go overboard, a whole day. So this is something you can do only a few times a day. Also, Instagram only lets you follow roughly 7k people, so once you hit the cap, you will have to unfollow everyone. (use an app called “Followers” to see who isn’t following you back, and you can unfollow them all from the app).

Upside: You will be able to reach a lot of people, for free. Also you will be able to get a decent number of followers in a very short time. As a test I was able to achieve 10k followers in about 2 months, and only about 1,000 people we’re relevant followers and roughly 200-300 likes per photo (which is quite low). When you’re at the ‘unfollow everyone’ phase (aka 7k follow cap), you will get a ton of people who will unfollow you back. Don’t let this get you down, this is great because it weeds out all the irrelevant users.

2. Shotgun Method: ‘Like’ A F*ck Ton of Photos

As mentioned in the above, everyone checks their notifications and engagements like it’s a drug. Find relevant #Hashtags / Geotags and “Like” like crazy. The more people you reach though likes is essentially your brand furthering it’s reach. Each person is going to receive a notification that YOUR BRAND has liked your photo. Keep firing till you hit the right people. If they like what you do, they may end up following you. You can even amp things up to the next level and ‘Comment!’

When you do this, the user will definitely investigate further to see who is liking their photos. You probably do it yourself. If you’re going to combine this with the Follow for Follow method, be sure to constantly like people on your Instagram feed, they will like your photos back and in most cases after a while, follow you back if they like what you have to offer.

Downside: Takes up a lot of time.

Upside: You’re building a more quality audience and your expanding your reach efficiently.

Life hack: You can employ an Auto Liker bot to like posts automatically, even while you’re sleeping. 1 like per minute is 60 likes an hour, 60 likes an hour over a 12 hour period is 720 likes a day and thats 5,040 posts liked in a week (thats 5k+ people you have reached in one week). I mention 12 hour period, so that Instagram doesn’t ban you for unusual activity, most websites set you up in a way to make it as natural as possible, so you don’t have to worry. It’s very effective and does the job well. All you have to do is Google “Auto liker Instagram bot” there are many to choose from and they also offer you a free trial so you can test it out.

3. Buying Future Auto-Likes For Every New Post.

What is a future like? It’s a service you purchase; where for the next, let’s say 30 posts, it will automatically add 80-1,000 likes per photo depending on the package you purchase.

Oh no you’re buying likes, that’s baaad!”. Not really. When you purchase 100-200 likes per photo, not only are you faking social proof, you’re pumping the rank of your photos. This means, your posts are going to be seen by more people. More people = more likes and potential follows.

Instagram now has a Most Popular Posts section, the ability to follow certain #Hashtags, where you only see popular posts on your insta-feed and the Whats Trending Section when you are in the search section. When you purchase future likes, your content will be more likely to be pushed to these sections.

Where to buy future likes:

Downside: You have to pay about $12 AUD for the next 30 posts.

Upside: More views, more reach and more likes on posts.

4. Talk To The Newbies.

A great way to get new followers and have people who will always engage with users who are brand new to Instagram (they don’t know any better, they will follow anyone, like anything and because they are new and don’t understand the Instagram etiquette, they will be loyal to your brand and be most likely to recommend you as well.

How do you fine newbies? Simple, search: #FirstPost.

Before the Instagram ego takes over, talk to these people, tell them their posts are cool, like their posts and then they will be your fans forever.

Downside: You’re having personal conversations with people, which could take up some time.

Upside: Creates great loyalty on the very beginning when creating an engaged audience, and there are new people joining IG every day!

5. Reach Out To An Influencer.

If you have a product, a brand or a service you want to promote, reach out to an influencer and offer them the product for free to test and share for a tag or a shout out. It works.

Who is an influencer? Depending on your industry and niche, these are Instagramers who have a very large following. Don’t just pick any influencer, do you research, make sure that influencer has a relevant following to your product or business. Just because a foodie has 15k followers, doesn’t mean advertising your custom T-shirts is going to get you followers or sale. You dig?

The more influencers that you reach out to in a small amount of time the better. If you tap out full social circles, the more relevant people will want to try your product.

For example, if I follow 3 key influencers and all those 3 influencers are wearing your product, I will subconsciously be more interested in purchasing that product. People are like sheep, watch them follow. This is how you build popularity for your brand.

Downside: Some influencers have an ego, so communication could be quite tedious. Also you will have to offer something in return, whether it is monetary or one of your products.

Upside: Significant reach. Especially if their doing Instagram stories.

Influencer Tip: Be very, very clear on what you would like the influencer to do to manage your expectations and avoid disappointments. Tell them how you would like them to structure the post (poses, product placement, etc), show them examples of what you like. And ask them to share the post, tag your account in both image and caption and to also do the same for the Instagram story. Remember these guys are just regular people, there is no real status quo for influencers.

6. Collaborate With Similar People In Your Niche/ Industry.

Find Instagramers, businesses and products that relate to your niche, and collaborate. If you have a similar number of followers to the account your wish to collaborate with, even better and the more likely they will be interested in working with you.

How do you do this? DM on Instagram, or in person, or email and ask if they could share your post and in return you will share theres. Or you can take it to the next level and meet up to do a collaborative photo shoot, take photos together and pretend you guys are best friends. The more genuine your collaboration is the better the results.

How do you think most of these Instagram models do it? So go out there and collaborate.

7. Have Great Content.

Why does anyone follow anyone? Why should people follow you? The answer; great content. Your posts should look good, add value to people lives, entertain and evoke the user with some sort of emotional feeling (or even a great deal) to hook these people in.

The best way is to check out your competition, see what they have done to build a successful Instagram account. Reengineer what they have done and apply it to your account. No need to reinvent the wheel, unless what you’re offering is really unique of course. If you do this right, you will set yourself apart from the many other accounts out there and you will become an industry leader.

Tip: If you think something would work like colour coding, squares and rectangle posts; you try it, and it doesn’t work or do anything for you… put your ego aside and stop doing that. Test a number of different styles and do what works.

8. Encourage People To Tag and Engage With Your Content.

When crafting your content, write in a way that encourages the user to tag. This can be done with a funny post that say “Tag your friend if she does X”. This is a great way of building an account with very active followers. Find out what works and repeat it every so often. If you over kill…. you kill your following.

Tip: Think about all the times you have tagged your friends in posts, or shared content with friends. Ask yourself, why am I engaging with content. Then replicate that for yourself

9. Run competitions

Run competitions and giveaways where the posts asks the user to Follow you & Tag a friend. Simple!

10. run ads

Run Instagram ads. Instagram’s ad platform lets you reach the right people, by using interest targeting. You can use the data available to you and put your product in front of the right audience. To begin this; setup your account as a business profile, link it to your Facebook account, make sure your payment details are up to date in your ad manager, and BAM you’re good to start promoting your posts.

Its always good to test certain types of posts to see which perform better. By Performance I mean, sales, likes, following. If you can find that sweat post that does extremely well in terms of conversion… that’s how you know where to place your money.

Tip: The best, are normally having a great deal or offer. Even if people don’t use it, it’s still very appealing and has a higher conversion rate then a regular sponsored post.



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