The Instagram Stores features rolled out a couple of years ago and so far, it doesn’t have an inkling to slow down anytime soon. It has changed the way we use Instagram, especially for businesses. It allows users to create and upload temporary publications seen by their followers for only twenty-four hours. These stories continue a powerful feature that has given brands authenticity through the modes of a relaxed approach of connecting with their audience.

Instagram Stories holds several features for content customisation, allowing businesses to marketing themselves and connect with a wider audience and gain customer feedback, queries and opinions. Now, businesses have another tool to gather information about consumers’ needs and preferences and further improve their services and create greater brand awareness, engagement and conversions.

1. Humanise Your Brand

The expiration of Instagram Stories allows brands to share behind-the-scenes exclusive content that helps convey the human side of your company and allow brands to be little formal – building trust through authenticity. Hence, the connection between a consumer and a brand is exemplified through fun features that allow more connectivity and a sense of exclusivity through a personalised approach to engagement.

Hence, it’s recommended that brands try to get their audience better through the use of polls, quizzes or share trivia and it can be extremely beneficial in adding to your market research. It is also a fantastic way to get customer feedback – helping you understand how your consumers perceive you. Thus, this feedback can help you improve your produce better product and services for your clients.

2. Promote Products

Instagram Stories allows brands to attach a direct link to an external web page which makes it simpler to promote your company’s products and services. This evidently allows greater discoverability to attract new followers, drive traffic, reach and brand awareness in a professional and effective way. In addition, using Instagram Stories whilst still posting content can increase sales and brand awareness as your brand could potentially be drawing two different audience – pre-existing and potential customers. Hence, it is in the business’ best interest to create interactive yet informative content in a creative way for long-term success.


Since Instagram Stories are only available for a limited time only – this provides businesses with the perfect way to share company’s announcements that are currently going on. It’s a brilliant opportunity to allow your followers to gain a personal insight through sharing relevant information resulting in a boost in brand awareness and engagement. Further, if your business is promoting a limited-edition product or service, you got to put a direct link at the bottom of the page – allowing an increase in traffic.

However, if you want your audience to remember your announcements, then add it to your highlights – allowing your consumers to watch them at their convenience – enabling you to get creative and showcase your products in an exciting way.

3. Give A Voice to Your Followers

It gives a platform to share user-generated content for your products by re-posting and sharing one of your consumers using it. This potentially draws more visibility to your brand (emphasises through the use of hashtags!) and attract more consumers in joining in.

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