Here are 5 things you need to stop doing on social right NOW!

We all know social media moves extremely fast! What happened on Monday might be old news by Wednesday afternoon… So here are a few things to keep an eye out to keep your platform 100%!

1. Using too many hashtags!

The purpose of hashtags makes your content more easily discoverable on the social platforms – although some users tend to go a little overboard!


  • It can look spammy or desperate
  • Even if you gain followers, they may be bots or people who are only interested in being followed back


  • Focus on your content & the relevancy of your tags

GOLDEN RULE: Don’t have more hashtags than words!

2. Trying to jump on every trend

Many brands often jump on trending topics & popular memes to force themselves into a conversation they think they know…


  • Just because something is going viral it doesn’t mean people want to hear about it from you – be more strategic about it!


  • Make your brand add value to the conversation to you & your audience

3. Publishing the same message across all your social

We hate repetitiveness, I mean who doesn’t?!


  • The post you published on Facebook doesn’t necessary work on Twitter – different audiences live on different platforms.
  • Even if your followers all follow you on multiple networks, imagine how weird it’ll be if they saw the same post over & over again!


  • Mix it up! Something you did yesterday on Facebook post it on Instagram tomorrow!

4. Not responding to & engaging your audience

There’s so many businesses out there to only promote their brand & that’s not what it’s about!!!


  • Think of social media as a two-way conversation
  • Your platform isn’t just all about broadcasting how great your business is


  • When positing on social, don’t forget to include a little extra time for engagement!
  • Ask your followers questions & it’s always good to encourage them to share feedback

5. Keeping your social media accounts private

If you have an account, be proud of it! Just because someone isn’t following you on social media doesn’t mean they’re not searching you up on Google!


  • A private account can convey many things! Laziness? Hiding something? Not worth your time?


  • Use it! Social media is a great way to grow & engage your audience!
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