17 Organic Instagram Growth Tactics To Try In 2023

Here are my 17 organic Instagram growth tactics our team uses to grow our client’s Instagram accounts. These tips are 100% organic and does not require anything but time.


Instagram Growth Tactics:


  1. Post Daily Stories every day for the best Instagram growth results. Post every 3 hours, that way your stories are consistently pushed to the top of the list.
  2. Answer all DMs, even if they are from bots. No one truly knows how Instagram’s Algorithm works in detail, but based on the 100+ accounts our agency manages and the learnings we have accumulated to date; the more genuine your account and the more social you are will lead to a lot more organic exposure and Instagram growth.
  3. Respond to all comments, even if they are from bots, or just emojis as soon as possible. The more engagement the post has the more authority and exposure it receives as quality content in the eyes of Instagram.
  4. Use call to actions in posts to get your audience to engage. It can be a simple “Follow us for more” or “hit the link in our Bio” or ask the audience to like or comment if they feel “X”. More engagement leads to more reach which leads to more followers which will grow your account.
  5. The basic of the basic: Use relevant hashtags, use a combination of large hashtags (couple thousand plus posts) and more niche hashtags (ones that have a couple hundred). The small hashtags have the most long term benefit as you are planting life long seeds for people to follow you as time goes by. The bigger hashtags, you simply disappear in the noise. How many times have you clicked a low ranking hashtag and explored what was posted in it?
  6. Do share for share content with similar Instagram Accounts. This will have the best impact on your Instagram Growth. You essentially share their posts with your followers and instruct your audience to follow their page and vice-versa.
  7. Hunt down accounts similar to yours with a massive following. Follow them, then turn on post notifications so you are made aware of exactly when they post. When they post on IG leave a genuine comment as soon as possible which will give you great exposure to their following, which in turn could help you grow yours.
  8. Setup your story highlights and make them look attractive. If you have an Instagram Business account you will be able to see at the top of your page how many people have viewed your account that week. Give those people something to explore and click on, the more time they spend on your account, the higher the chance of other users following you.
  9. Post when your followers are most active. Simply jump on your Instagram analytics and see the peak times. More views and engagement the faster your page will grow.
  10. Create and post content that your audience wants to see. Simply go through your last 30-40 posts, take note of the posts with the most engagement and create similar content.
  11. Create a great Bio that clearly explains what your page is about. Use emojis to highlight key aspects about your services or products.
  12. Your Name on your account has Instagram Search Value. Make sure your name (not username) has a keyword in it that is directly related to your niche to make your account easier to find in IG’s Search.
  13. Follow other people (they will probably follow you back). Use the double tap method. Simply find a relevant hashtag or Geotag. Click on the Most recent tab, double tap the photo (like the photo) then follow the person and keep repeating. Do this slowly and do it about 100 accounts every couple hours or once or twice a day. If you do this too much in one sitting Instagram will block your actions for about 24 hours.
  14. Tag other relevant user accounts in your posts. This is a great way to increase your exposure and get that little bit more engagement juice on your posts. Create a spread sheet of about 100-200 users and every post use a combination of 5-10 people so that you don’t become annoying and spammy.
  15. Use the GEO Tag Feature on all posts. You will without a doubt have much more exposure then without.
  16. Like posts, like a shit ton of posts! The more posts you like the more notifications people receive about your Instagram account. You can only like roughly 100-200 posts per sitting. In my experience, like about 100 posts every couple hours so not to trigger Instagram’s security. If you go over board with this you will banned from liking for 24 hours.
  17. Watch other people’s stories, leave your phone on and let the stories automatically play. Why? That user will at least once or twice within that 2 hours will check to see who has viewed their story.


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